Upcoming Screenings


Dead Bolt (2018)

We've had the honor of having our first picture, Dead Bolt, screened at:

- The National Screen Institute in Winnipeg, MB in August 2018

- The 11th annual Scarefest in Lexington, KY in Sept 2018

- The 8th annual Cheyenne Zombie Fest in Cheyenne, WY in Sept 2018

-  The First Time Filmmakers 2018 Christmas Special in London, UK in Dec 2018

- The 25th annual Dreamspeakers Int'l Film Festival in Edmonton, AB in April 2019

- The Lift-Off Sessions in London, UK in April 2019

- The Canadian Broadcast Corp Gem in May 2019

- The 4th annual Die Laughing Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA in May 2019

- The 4th annual Just Before Midnight Noir Film Festival in May 2019

- The Direct Monthly Online Film Festival in May 2019

- Pinewood Studios First Time Filmmaker Sessions in June 2019

-  Festival do Minuto in Sao Paulo, Brazil in June 2019

- The 2nd annual Summer Scream Fest in Marietta, OH in July 2019

- TMFF in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in July 2019

- Honor Film Festival in Lakeland, Florida in August 2019

- Spooky Empire International Horror Film Festival in Tampa, FL in Oct 2019

- 5th annual 15 Second Horror Challenge in October 2019

- 4th annual U-Horror Film Festival in October 2019

- North American Teaser Future Films Festival in Los Angeles, CA in October 2019

- Antic Horror - Int. Horror Short-Film Screenplay Festival in Barcelona, Spain in Oct 2019:

(Winner for Best Original Screenplay)

- Horror Genre Lab in London, UK in May 2020