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Dead Bolt: Screenings


We've had the honor of having our first picture, Dead Bolt, screened at:

- The National Screen Institute in Winnipeg, MB in August 2018

- The 11th annual Scarefest in Lexington, KY in Sept 2018

- The 8th annual Cheyenne Zombie Fest in Cheyenne, WY in Sept 2018

-  The First Time Filmmakers 2018 Christmas Special in London, UK in Dec 2018

- The 25th annual Dreamspeakers Int'l Film Festival in Edmonton, AB in April 2019

- The Lift-Off Sessions in London, UK in April 2019

- The Canadian Broadcast Corp Gem in May 2019

- The 4th annual Die Laughing Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA in May 2019

- The 4th annual Just Before Midnight Noir Film Festival in May 2019

- The Direct Monthly Online Film Festival in May 2019

- Pinewood Studios First Time Filmmaker Sessions in June 2019

-  Festival do Minuto in Sao Paulo, Brazil in June 2019

- The 2nd annual Summer Scream Fest in Marietta, OH in July 2019

- TMFF in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in July 2019

- Honor Film Festival in Lakeland, Florida in August 2019

- 5th annual 15 Second Horror Challenge in October 2019

Upcoming Projects


After the release of Deadbolt in August 2018, stay tuned for 

future horror releases including Neptune Drive, Down Came the Rain, 

400 Count Terror, and Lunch Crawl.


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